Cashmere Baby Blanket With Pompom (NEW)

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A Cloud of Comfort to Celebrate Your Precious Baby

Our finest Cashmere Baby Blanket is crafted without dyes, bleach, or extra processes for cozy bliss that truly soothes and warms your little one. The softness of cashmere has been proven to promote healthy sleep in babies with its calming touch. Lightweight and made from sustainable materials, this unique cashmere blanket can also be machine washed with ease which is an important feature. Designed to last for years to come, this durable and gorgeous cashmere blanket is total angelic softness that surpasses all other materials.
It’s always best for best at Felicity Baby, with each and every one of our items becoming a true favorite.

Size: 38x28" / 97x71cm
Color: Natural Brown


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100% Grade S Cashmere, 100% silk (Logo)

Country of Origin

Made in Japan

Product Care

Washwashble with cold water (Dedicated Mode)

Safest for Baby and Environment

No Dye & Bleach

Free worldwide shipping and returns - customs and duties taxes included

No Treatment

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Animal Protein

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of Grade S Cashmere Used

Grade S cashmere is the best of the best cashmere avaible today

One for One

Our mission is not only to minimize water pollution, but we provide clean water for a year to 1 African child for every 1 product we sell

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